The Testimony of Rachel Roets

I was born in Grand Forks North Dakota in 1987. My family and I lived in Grand Forks for the first five years of my life. My dad knew he was called to preach but for a while he did not know where God wanted him to go. Eventually the Lord revealed to my dad that we were to go to Wahpeton North Dakota to start a church.

We left Grand Forks in the spring of 1993 for deputation. I hated the idea of leaving all my friends and I started to get bitter toward God and my parents. I went through all our time on deputation bitter.

I was starting to get over having to leave my friends when my brother got saved, and made me mad all over again. I thought that if I was going to be lost then why couldn’t everyone else stay lost. However the Lord was working in this, even though I would not admit it to myself.

When I was ten the Lord really started to convict me of my need to be saved. I was stubborn, I didn’t want to give up ALL my sin all at one time. Every time I was under conviction I would say a prayer as if that would get me saved. But as some people would say, “they were as empty as a poor man’s pocket.” There was nothing in my prayers. They were just to ease my conscience.

Thank the Lord, He didn’t give up!!!

Two years later the Lord was still convicting, boy was I stubborn, I just would not give in. The Lord finally took steps that I really did not want Him to take. He let me almost drown and I still was to stubborn to give up, wanting to have my own way.

A year later I was willing to see myself as a sinner who needed a Saviour. On April 11, 2001 I gave my heart to Christ and was saved forever, not just as long as I am good, but from that day until the day I die.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I pray and hope that if you are not saved you will truly consider your position before the Lord and not stubbornly refuse Him any longer.

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